What is a Spore Syringe? Buy psilocybe cubensis spore syringe.

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A medical syringe filled with magic mushroom spores suspended in clean water is simply a spore syringe. For long periods of time, they store active spores. In order to cultivate your own mushrooms, these syringes are used to inoculate substrates.

Before the essential step of inoculating the substrate, the sterile water suspension often hydrates the spores. Spores need to be hydrated for a better probability of success for at least 24 hours. Shrooms that are too dry are not going to be helpful at all.

Psilocybe cubensis syringe – Supplies to Make a Spore Syringe

Getting a clean workspace is not enough. A sterile working space is necessary when it comes to growing magic mushrooms and preparing a spore syringe. Your cultivation can be destroyed by even slight pollution. If your colonies are soiled by a harmful organism, such as bacteria or mold, it can create a domino effect and spoil your mushrooms. It will lead to loss, lost investment, and wasted time if the right precautions are not taken.

As it is important to work rapidly when dealing with shrooms, integrating a clean technique into your methods is even more important. Make sure your work area is properly washed, has no dust, and is in an isolated area that is free of flying particles in your home. Your young colony can be harmed even by dust. Contaminants can compete for nutrients, light, and humidity with the mushrooms. Eventually, the mushroom colonies will be affected or killed off.


Steps in Making a Spore Syringe

Sterilize the water
Using a pressure cooker to create sterile water. The heat and pressure will kill microbes that can contaminate the growth of your future and ensure that your spore syringe will not contaminate your colonies.

Sterilize the glass bottle or the flask
To minimize the chances of bacteria or microbes getting inside it, use a flask or a glass bottle with a small opening. Into it, add 30 mL of water. Using tin foil to cover the opening of the flask and place it in the pressure cooker.

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Be sure to properly close the pressure cooker’s lid and let it heat up until a pressure of 15 PSI has been reached. Maintain this pressure for at least 30 minutes, then let it cool down for at least 5 hours. Let it cool overnight if possible.

You have water sterilized inside a flask now. When the spores are introduced, be careful that it isn’t too hot. They won’t survive otherwise.

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