Koi Sumoi Mushrooms – P. Cubensis



Koi Sumoi Mushrooms – Koi Sumoi Magic Mushrooms, also known as Psilocybe Samuienis, are a rare shroom, though very common among knowledgeable users. The root of this strain is in the Thai province, on Koh Samuli Island. It was given its name by this location. Its identity has led to debates and now has become the pioneer in the group of Mexican animals. The Koi Sumoi Shrooms are the brainchild of an ethnomycologist, John Allen.

With their moderate-high potency, Koi Sumoi Shrooms are commonly blended into milkshakes and fruit smoothies. Its high intensity results from this attribute. Koi Sumoi Magic Mushrooms have features of super pressure , making them stand out. This Magic Mushroom is a shroom that colonizes rapidly and is extremely immune to contamination.

There are both medicinal and recreational uses for Koi Sumoi Mushrooms. It is cherished by individuals for its hallucinogenic characteristics. This magic mushroom is hard to find, especially outside Thailand, with its scarcity and limited range.

Koi Sumoi Magic Shrooms Description

The most popular way of using this magic mushroom is to cover its bitter taste in shakes. The taste is subtle, floury, and herbal. There are small umbos or papillas in the Koi Sumoi Shrooms. They also have a pellicle-like gelatin that can be removed. When wet, this feature renders the cap sticky. It is short with whitish hair that is near to the base with blue strokes. With a yellow-brown or creamy-brown look, its cover is sometimes flat or round. Compared to the top, the bottom of the stem is thinner.

Owing to its tiny structure, this Magic Shroom gets ignored. Its potency, however, is exceptional. Just 15 to 20 fresh shrooms will trigger a powerful visual experience with high psilocin and small traceable amounts of baeocystin.

Koi Sumoi Mushrooms

Koi Sumoi Mushroom Effect

Depending on a person, the effects of the Koi Sumoi Magic Mushroom can be different. Users, however, typically feel an extreme head elevation. That’s quite a fun high. Nevertheless, there are many common variables influencing the experience. These variables include food eaten, the atmosphere, attitude, and people in your social environment.

Users also term it a life-altering experience. In addition , it is widely recommended by scholars. You can buy the Magic Mushroom online to share its greatness.

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