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It is known that the Penis Envy strain of magic mushrooms is one of the best and hardest hitters. This strain grows very slowly, but the fruit yields are high, and mycologists believe that its slow growth results in more time for the production of psilocybin.

Expect profound shamanic visions, vision quests and an intense experience of penis mushroom mysticism. For first time users, not recommended. This strain is unique and a transformative experience is required.

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You can feel your mood improved with euphoria and arousal after 10-30 minutes of eating Penis Envy mushrooms. You can experience mild to intense visual changes, depending on the dose. Things may seem like they are breathing, you’ll feel more alive about the nature around you, and you’ll find yourself in introspective thinking. Music and art will look and sound different, and you will have a deeper understanding, and on a more personal level, you will connect the music or art to yourself. A 3-6 hour trip should be the most typical museum dose (0.5-1.5 g) and a moderate dose (2-3.5 g). For more info , please read our FAQ section.

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The mushroom spore of penis envy is one of the most common research strains around. It is an fascinating way of chalking up a conversation in nature-“hey, what’s that sticking out of the ground? -recognized for its distinctive resemblance to a male reproductive organ. No one really knows where or how Penis envy mushrooms PE came from, but it is rumored that its origin comes from a famous mycologist named Steven Pollock, who developed it from a rare Amazonian Cubensis mutation carried in his shop by Terrance McKenna. The mushroom of penis envy is a slow but steady grower and eventually HIGHLY satisfying.

Included with each purchase of a syringe:

One syringe per 10cc.
One sterile 16 gauge needle and an alcohol prep pad per purchased syringe.

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